Mestophiles Yaguara (AKA "CAT");
"Cat" grew up as an only child, JUST a bit on the wild side. His mother (Sasha Guarani), had to raise him alone, as his father (Mestophiles Thundara), had disappeared shortly after Sasha became pregnant. The rumor is that he was troubled!
Hanging out with an older and tough crowd; "Cat" decided to run away with two of his best friends. Falon and Felis were twins at 16, "Cat" was 13. For the next six months, they had a very rough life, scraping & scrapping for food and shelter.
Then one day, it seemed as though they were finally going to start living the good life putting their skills to use. A couple of drunken sailors hired them to track down a comrade, so they could all return to the ship without getting in trouble. Upon finding the missing sailor, they also found them selves surrounded by a total of twelve sailors, and despite a valient effort, they were shang-haied onto a waiting pirate ship.
After that experience, "Cat" spend some time on Sanction Island. There, he met Dak and Sha, (others to be added soon)!
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