MESTOPHILES YAGUARA of Exiles (Cover page)

Mestophiles Yaguara (AKA "CAT");
   If you have an idea who "Cat" is, or are at all familiar with LARPS; proceed to page one.

   If you are not sure, you're just surfing around, or whatever; then read this page first, and it will give you a quick intro.
   Mestophiles is one of my character/alter egos, in M.A.S.I. (Maine Adventure Society Inc.); A L.R.P.S. (aka LARPS: Live Role Playing System).
   LARPS is similar to Dungeons & Dragons, in that you build a character from basic guidelines, add your imagination, then help him become you (or you become him...)!
   However, with LRPS, we aren't sitting around a table with pop (SODA!) & chips, pencil & paper, or dice.
   Instead, we dress in our various, costumes and live in a medieval like setting in the woods.
   "Exiles" is held but four times a year, as it was not designed to take the place of "Stalker's Waye"; But to offer a change of character and style to our imaginations.
   We meet in our village, shortly after work or school on Friday afternoon, where we shed the personas of our "NORMAL (?) lives, to live (we HOPE!) as our respective, characters; until early Sunday evening.
   Then we go home to rest our weary, abused & battered bodies for a few peaceful hours, before dragging them in to work or school the next day!
   Now you have a little insight into who "CAT" is, and what the following pages are about! There are links to some of the others (all Raven's Clan), as well! Have fun!
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